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Share your premium content or let your fans chat with you. You set the price. Twolog is a new way of earning from your fan base.

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Add twolog chat to your website that fits your service the best.

You own the content

You're the creator and should own it! Simple as that.


Payouts are deposited to you on a monthly basis.

They will love it

Offering online paid consultations is modern and will let you be available to a larger audience.

We do the dirty work

You focus on what you are best at. We develop, support and ensure best possible experience.

Build a strong brand

Consumers are custom to using chat. Leverage the opportunity and build a suistainable brand.

Our passion for personal freedom now lets everyone start their own business.

Thomas Eriksen
Co-founder, twolog

Essential features

Charge for conversations

Define the price that you will charge your customers. Consultations can also be set to free.

Charge for content

Through twolog you can sell both images, videos and other files and set individual pricing for each item.

Set the message price

Twolog enable you to set pricing for what the conversations should cost. How do you value your feedback?

Mass promote

Easy reach all your customers by mass promotion of new content and information to everyone, at once.

Sales reports

Insight into sales and earnings is a given. Through insights you are able to improve your sales.

Embedded chat

Easily add your Twolog chat to one or several websites. It is that simple with Twolog.

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