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Share your premium content or let your fans chat with you. You set the price. Twolog is a new way of earning from your fan base.

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How it works

Set up your page and launch

Personalize your profile page.

Tell your fans you just launched on Twolog

Reach out to your fans across your social media channels and get to know what they are interested in.

Build a community with your fans

Fans love to receive your updates, special benefits and to be part of your community.

It doesn't matter if you have 1 or 1 million followers. Twolog is for everyone

Co-founder, Twolog

The essentials

Sell premium posts

Post exclusive content to your premium fans at your own price.

Sell premium conversations

Direct conversations are very valuable.
You earn from every message a fan sends you.

Your sales

Monitor your earnings in real-time.

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selling premium content

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